About Wave

Brixton Wave, the brand-new summer festival building on all that is good about one of London’s most famous areas, will be held on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th of August.


It will feature a food and drink-focussed first day. The second day will tap into Brixton’s unique range of shopping choices, local music artists, and bands.

The whole event will be tied together through a new iPhone and Android mobile app featuring special offers, discounts, listings information and local inside knowledge.


Our Vision

Brixton Wave’s vision is to develop the festival further as we progress. We want it to become a new community asset that is part of the food, arts and cultural legacy of Brixton.

Key Objectives

  • To promote the history of Brixton and its cultural diversity
  • To promote Brixton as a destination of choice
  • To promote a positive and safe festival experience

Other Objectives

  • To provide an app which connects event goers, local businesses and the community
  • To create a sustainable social enterprise, which connects with Brixton’s Wave key objectives
  • To create a lasting legacy for Brixton Wave
  • To promote corporate social responsibility
  • To promote special events for seniors citizens
  • To provide a training programme for volunteer event stewards/ambassadors
  • To promote Brixton’s local currency throughout the festival
  • To reduce negative environmental impacts
  • To provide a true value for money experience


Brixton Wave’s aim is to develop a festival this becomes a community asset delivering a broader food, arts and cultural tourism legacy for Brixton with international prestige and recognition, whilst remaining representative of modern Brixton.

The event is being organised by the Brixton Wave team which is led by Ros Griffiths. Ros grew up in Brixton and holds a Master’s Degree in Community Organising. She is an award winning Social Entrepreneur with a proven track record in creating relevant and tailored community cohesion and youth engagement projects. She has also worked closely with local businesses, MET police, and Local/Central Government for over 25 years, in pursuit of her vision to forge new relationships and socio-investments for the community.

Listening campaign started in November 2016 as the concept of the new Brixton Wave festival was developed through engagement with the community. There were four separate sessions where people could have impute, discussions and feedback. That process involved local business people, the public sector, charities and arts organisations. The listening campaign has helped shaped the framework for the festival and ensure that it reflects the needs and aspirations of the local community.

The festival has been designed for people of all ages and musical tastes. There will be special events for senior citizens, children’s literacy programming and training for volunteer event stewards/ambassadors.  

Lambeth Council, Brixton Bid, the Black Cultural Archives, Local MP’s, Transport for London, Network Rail and the Metropolitan Police are all lending their support and expertise towards a successful inaugural Brixton Wave event.

This is a brand-new event that will be running in 2018 for the first time.

To give visitors the opportunity to experience and enjoy Brixton’s different elements. The local offer is such that it was felt that themed days would give the best showcase for three of the area’s outstanding attributes.  

Brixton Wave was chosen through a poll run through the local independent media outlet, the Brixton Blog/Brixton Bugle. Brixton Wave chosen as the name that chimed most strongly with locals.

To stage an event like Brixton Wave the organisers have to apply to Lambeth Council for a premises licence. The application includes explanations about the arrangements we are making to promote the licensing objectives laid down by central government. Our arrangements are reviewed by responsible authorities (including London Ambulance Service, the Metropolitan Police and the Fire Brigade) and local councillors before a licence is granted.

Whilst the process is the same for all types of premises licence, a large-scale event like Brixton Wave is also scrutinised by the Lambeth Safety Advisory Group. The Safety Advisory Group includes the responsible authorities and other important stakeholders like TfL and the NHS, who meet with organisers to review their plans and ensure that any safety aspects relating to the event have been properly considered.

The organisers work in partnership with private contractors and public bodies such as the Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service to make the event as safe and enjoyable as possible. Measures we are taking include providing security and stewarding staff, restricting vehicle access to certain roads, restricting some prohibited items from coming onto site, managing the crowd capacity of some popular locations, providing on site medical teams and working with the Metropolitan Police to deter and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

Brixton Wave will be funded from stalls & bars, sponsorship, advertising, ticket income & grants.

An extensive social media/ print marketing campaign of posters, flyers and What’s On programme guides will be funded to draw visitors to the festival. Stages, PAs, stalls and gazebos will be hired. The funds will also pay for insurance, road closures, parking, toilets, security, crowd barriers, first aid and open space hire.

Please read our volunteering page for information on how to get involved.

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